Agritourism Your Way

University of Georgia Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development and North Carolina State Cooperative Extension Servies's Business Side of Agritourism Program Series.

A How-To Guide for Successful Agritourism Enterprises

Considering an Agritainment Enterprise

The University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service

If you're thinking of starting up an agritourism-based business, start by looking over this very helpful resource.

Pee Dee Agritourism Product Development Plan

Pee Dee Agritourism Association

This plan was developed as part of the grant program used to fund this initiative.

Risk and Legal Liability Strategies for Agritourism

South Carolina Department of Agriculture - Beth Crocker

This presentation touches on the important legal and liability considerations every agritourism business owner should know about.

Agri-Tourism Workbook

Agri-Business Council of Oregon

A guide to discovering new ways to build a successful agriculture business through direct farm marketing

Entertainment Farming and Agritourism

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Taking the First Step: Farm and Ranch Alternative Enterprise and Agritourism Resource Evaluation Guide

Southern Maryland Resource and Conservation Board

Considerations for Agritourism Development

Sea Grant: New York

This publication is designed for community leaders, rural economic development and tourism professionals, and agritourism entrepreneurs. It focuses on the three main components of agritourism development: small businesses, agricultural events, and regional agritourism initiatives. Considerations for each of these components are discussed. The case studies included in this publication expand on these considerations.

Agritourism Marketing

Agricultural Marketing Resource Center: Iowa State University

A practical guide to creating and agritourism marketing plan

Resources for Agritourism Development

Agricultural Marketing Resource Center - Iowa State University

This compilation of agritourism checklists, compiled by The Vermont Farms! Association, and researchers at the University of Vermont, Utah State Universitys Institute for Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, and the University of Wisconsin, is intended to assist those involved in agritourism enterprises and agricultural operators interested in beginning agritourism operations.

Lets Get AgCited - Spring 2014

Join farmers, artisans, and agricultural
professionals as they celebrate
agritourism in northeast South Carolina with

Ag-Cited is an agritourism initiative created
by the Florence Convention & Visitors
Bureau. The intent of Ag-Cited is to increase
tourism in the northeast region, primarily the
Pee Dee, by offering family-friendly events
every weekend of a season.

Events from the Ag-Cited promotion range
from farm festivals to wine tastings, and
include plenty of fun activities, like planting
and story telling, for the whole family. And
dont miss out on the fresh produce and local
products offered at area farmers markets!